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German Podcasts

1. Pukka German

“Pukka,” as defined here, means “genuine, authentic, top notch, the bees knees.” These podcasts promise to teach you “TRUCK LOADS of cool German words and phrases and … HIP to the STREET LINGO that your German teacher was too SQUARE to teach you!” This includes slang, idioms, and common words and phrases. This is a fun, user-friendly site that is sure to rev up your German practice.

2. My German Class

Clark Shah-Nelson has been teaching online German since 1999. His video casts offer fun scenarios to teach basic German language and grammar. The site also offers online German courses, for different prices. The courses include additional materials, including transcripts in English and German, quizzes, and discussion forums.

3. Learn German with this Free Podcast

The name says it all. Each podcast includes a German lesson that focuses on basic vocabulary and grammar. Blog posts are also included among the podcasts, and they are often in German, adding a reading comprehension component to your learning. There are also occasional video podcasts, transcripts, and language exercises.

4. German Grammar Podcast

Podcast host Laura aims to teach German learners what eluded her proper understanding of the language for so long until she mastered it: Grammar. In addition to podcasts on standards such as adjectives and pronouns, there are also tips and tricks. Each podcast is accompanied by an explanatory blog post that highlights some of the main points.

5. Young Germany Podcasts

The Young Germany Podcast includes a “starter kit” with some of the most important German phrases for beginners, as well as a variety of listening and speaking exercises for more advanced German learners.

6. German LingQ

Here’s another great podcast from LingQ — this one focusing on German lessons for all levels of learners. Transcripts are also available for each episode. Users must sign up for a free account to access the materials on the site.

7. Slow German

For true beginners, this podcast offers slow-paced lessons that are meant to be easier to hear and understand. Additional materials are available — for a fee — that include important words and translations and multiple-choice tests. The site is entirely in German, so the beginners that is hopes to attract will likely need to use a site like Babelfish to navigate it.

8. A Flavor of German

Intermediate to advanced speakers can learn idiomatic German with this 10-minute podcasts. Episodes can be purchased through iTunes or in the Web store.

9. WIssen Macht AH!

Awesome short films on cool topics, introduced by Ralph and Shari, for older kids.

10. Sendung mit der MAUS 

Short films aimed at children to explain how things are made or function: echt super!


11. Harry - Gefangen in der Zeit


Follow Harry!


12. Neuneinhalb


Super topics at a good B1/B2 level !


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